A Windows-only iSCSI/NFS Lab for vSphere

If you’re struggling with OpenFiler, FreeNAS etc but need the functionality of iSCSI and NFS for your vSphere labs, you can do the following. It’s dead easy and is especially useful at the beginning of your studies when you’re struggling to understand SAN/NAS concepts. Learning OpenFiler has its benefits. EMC’s Information Storage Management (ISM) course for its Academies uses OpenFiler to explain SAN fundamentals. I always tell my students that if they know their way around OpenFiler, [most] commercial SAN platforms are a breeze.

[Optional] Install vCenter on Windows Server 2008

This allows you to do away with a dedicated storage machine/VM in your lab. Performance will suffer, but hey it’s a lab environment!

Enable NFS ond Windows 2008


NB: as the article mentions, in production this is not supported. Even on the official course, NFS is only used for ISO files and such.

Install the Microsoft iSCSI target on Windows 2008


Very easy!